What are the Most Commonly Ordered Pizzas in India?

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Ask a pizza lover, and you will be stunned to see the varieties of pizza they have in a month. But there are certain pizzas they have more often. Both newbies and the old fans all will agree that some pizzas taste better than the other. If you question them, why so? You will not get a universal response. But it is interesting to know what pizzas are ordered the most. Here is a quick read on the popular pizza toppings in India.

Veggie Supreme Pizza

Extensively consumed by the vegetarian pizza lovers, Veggie Supreme Pizza is a delicious pick from the kitchen of Pizza Hut. To satiate the hunger of vegetarian pizza lovers, the pizza is topped with choicest varieties of veggies such as black olives, green capsicum, mushroom, onion, red paprika, sweet corn. 

Farm House Pizza

The next favorite among the vegetarian pizza lovers, Farm House Pizza is a mouth-watering variety of pizza which is loaded with crunchy, crisp capsicum, succulent mushrooms and fresh tomatoes – enough to calm down your hunger, right? Since, the customization option is available, you can grab your pizza, the way you want it.

Chicken Supreme

The most popular kind of non-vegetarian pizza straight from the kitchen of Pizza Hut, Chicken Supreme is widely loved by non-veg pizza lovers. Available both in the form of pan pizza and stuffed crust pizza, this pizza brings a combination of chicken tikka, Lebanese Chicken, and schezwan chicken meat ball to please your inner foodie. 

Triple Chicken Feast 

Not one or two, total three varieties of chicken preparations are brought together to make Triple Chicken Feast. Which means, complete satisfaction of your tummy. Get your pizza topped with the ingredients you always loved such as chicken sausage, green capsicum, Lebanese chicken, onion, red paprika, and schezwan chicken meat ball. If you need more chicken, opt for stuffed crust chicken sausage.

Chicken Dominator 

This one from the house of Domino’s is favoured by the fans for being loaded with peri-peri chicken, double pepper barbecue chicken, grilled chicken rashers, chicken tikka – which means you cannot complain about not having enough chicken on your pizza.

That’s not the end. There are many more pizzas out there to satisfy your craving for something as delicious as pizza. Depending on the requirement and knowledge, people order variations of pizza like American Pizza, Italian Pizza, Italian Neapolitan pizza and many more.

If you are in a mood to experiment or treat your taste buds to something new, do not restrict yourself. Instead, check out the pizza menu of other pizzerias than the ones mentioned here. Let us know your experience and your favourite pizza picks.


5 Offers from Pizza Hut Every Pizza Lover Keeps Eying

Image result for pizzaAre you a pizza lover who has pizza on a regular basis? Then there is no harm in looking for some good offers. Because, you deserve some great discounts for upholding the fanbase. But, as we write this, we know a pizza lover would hardly miss any update or happening around pizza. Which means, whatever offers you were aware of are either already used or irrelevant. But this does not mean all offers are exhausted from the face of earth.

There is Pizza Hut, your constant companion whenever it’s time to order pizza online. I call it a constant support because it never disappoints the customers in terms of offers. There is at least one offer for everyone, no matter if you want to order pizza for your whole family or just the two of you. Let us talk about the usual offers on pizza available on Pizza Hut.

2 Personal Pizzas at Rs.99

There are times when you just want to have it all alone. Personal pizza is the right choice in these occasions. You can have it more without making a hole in your pocket, because Pizza Hut offers 2 pizzas at Rs.99 each. It means more pizzas at less price.

2 Medium Pizzas at Rs.199

Just the two of you at home and craving too much to indulge in a pizza meal? Order a medium pizza with your choice of beverages and have a great time with your special one. In terms of price, the deal sounds really sexy. 2 Medium pizzas at Rs.199 each. Sounds great right?

Triple Treat Box

Feeling insanely hungry and have folks to attend? Order Triple Treat Box from Pizza Hut and save a great deal. As per the site of Pizza Hut, one box should serve 4 people. One meal box has 2 medium pizzas, 1 garlic bread stix, 1 potato poppers, 1 tandoori pocket paneer. Depending on your taste and choice you can choose between veg and non-veg. The best part is the price starts from Rs.699.

Family Fun Meal

Saving while you eat with your family is made easy by Pizza Hut. With one family fun meal box you can save a great deal. The meal box is just perfect for those moments when you two are there and do not want to waste much time deciding what to eat. To satiate your hunger pangs just right, the meal box offers 1 medium pizza, 1 portion of garlic bread, and one beverage. Sufficient, isn’t it?

Magic Pizza Box

Looking for something to munch on in the evening while you chat with a group of friends? Order Magic Pizza Box containing 4 veg pizzas. In terms of toppings, the pizzas have onion, corn, paneer and capsicum, soya and onion. Being a preparation of Pizza Hut, the pizzas are rich in cheese. What else do you want?

All said and done, it’s high time to order pizzas without much procrastination. Because, the most exciting offers on pizza are right in front of you. Pick up your phone or open the site on your system and place your order at the earliest for great savings.

Top 5 Veg Pizzas People Cannot Live Without?

As a pizza lover and food blogger, I am often asked what pizza toppings are mostly preferred by vegetarian pizza lovers. Sometimes even the vegetarians find it difficult to answer this question as they find it difficult to look beyond a certain set of pizza toppings. To answer this query, I have prepared a list of pizzas vegetarians tend to order whenever they are craving for a cheese-filled meal. Beyond paneer and veggies, there are plenty of other variations in toppings when it comes to veg pizzas. Go through the list to see and try a few veg pizzas the next time you crave for one.

Paneer Pizzas

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A comprehensive list of Indian veg pizzas is incomplete without talking about pizzas with paneer toppings. Paneer, which is a variation of fresh cottage cheese is insanely popular amongst Indian vegetarian section. So, when we talk about veg pizzas, mentioning paneer pizza is also a must. Variations of paneer like tandoori paneer, butter masala paneer and spicy paneer are some of the most popular toppings on veg pizzas.

Mushroom Pizzas

Image result for mushroom pizzaMushrooms are the second most popular toppings after paneer. The varieties you get to see in case of mushroom pizza are similar to the ones you see in case of paneer pizza. Toppings like tandoori mushroom, mushrooms with soya sauce, mushrooms with sweet corns are some of the most common types of pizza toppings popular among Indian pizza lovers.


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Well, this has nothing to specifically do with India. Instead this is the safest option one can think of when it comes to pizza. A classic pizza, Margherita can be consumed by everyone unless they are vegan. The subtle taste of cheese and the tangy taste of tomato create a taste, we love to relish.

Chilly Garlic Pizza

Image result for chilli garlic pizzaNeed something spicy to treat your taste buds? The combination of chilly garlic really works. Chilly garlic pizza gets you a real break from regular toppings such as paneer, soya and other usual toppings. To make your pick a little spicier, asking for some extra jalapenos and red paprika won’t be a bad idea.

Pizza with a concoction of veggies

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Almost every pizza restaurant around you will have one pizza that brings a combination of choicest varieties of toppings. And for a break from regular paneer, mushroom and usual toppings, this seems to be quite a refreshing option. Some pizza restaurants even add veggies as per your recommendation. So, depending on your mood and taste buds, you can order pizza online that are apt to satisfy your craving at the moment.

So, after knowing about the pizzas, what do you think? Do you think there are enough options in veg pizzas to divert your attention from non-vegetarian varieties? Don’t think, you have got enough? Check out the pizza menu of popular pizza restaurant chains like Pizza Hut to prove yourself wrong. There are ample options in veg pizza varieties and you are going to have at least one before you finally switch to your all-time favourites.


What are the Most Common Pizza Toppings in India?

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A tempting fast food with its origination in Italy, pizza has travelled across the globe with a little modification in its form and toppings. Easy to grab, time-saving, and cost-effective pizzas are the best companion of today’s generation. Since, Indian pizza lovers are divided into two segments – i.e., vegetarian and non-vegetarian, the pizza restaurants have modified the toppings as per the popular need. Here are some of the most common pizza toppings you get to taste in India.


Freshly baked onion is the most popular topping found on pizzas in India. Onion has multiple health benefits and creates a balance in taste of your pizza. Onion is used as toppings both in veg and non-veg pizzas.

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Olives and Jalapeno

These are the two common pizza toppings you get to see both on vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza. The juicy taste of these two healthy toppings takes the taste of the pizza to the next level. For a crunchy and delicious pizza, the combination of olives, jalapeno and mozzarella cheese makes a great combination.

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Mozzarella cheese

Originated in Italy, mozzarella is the most common variety of cheese used in Indian pizzas. Even though some pizzerias use other varieties of cheese such as blue cheese, parmesan, and more, mozzarella rules the world of pizza. You know why? It is because skim milk mozzarella is stretchy enough to be the perfect match for the pizzas.

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Bell peppers and mushroom

Bell peppers and mushroom are frequently used both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizzas. The juicy taste of button mushrooms and bell peppers make you ask for more of them. Mushroom with shredded chicken makes a great combination. Pizza restaurants like Pizza Hut have even combined mushrooms with sweet corns, which makes a great combination. Some pizzerias even dip capsicum in tandoori sauce to get a relishing taste.

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In India when we say pepperoni, we actually mean chicken pepperoni. For non-vegetarian pizza lovers, this is a very popular topping. A pizza with chicken pepperoni tastes great, especially if it is crispy. Try Chicken Pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut to enjoy the real taste of a pepperoni pizza.

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Although sausages are less common topping in comparison to the ones mentioned above, a pizza with sausages as toppings earn a good reputation. Sausages with select chicken chunks make your pizza heaven made delicacy. For example, the Triple Chicken Feast pizza from Pizza Hut has chicken sausage, green capsicum, Lebanese chicken, onion, red paprika, schezwan chicken meatball.

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There are several other toppings which make pizzas found in India a tasty pick. Toppings such as extra cheese, bacon, mutton, butter chicken aren’t quite uncommon in India. To get an idea about what all pizzas are available in a restaurant, browse through the online pizza menu and order pizza online. To save time and money opt for online delivery.


Have You Yet Tried These 5 New Non-Veg Pizzas from Pizza Hut?

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Pizza Hut, the global chain of restaurants is loved by foodies for their fresh and innovative range of pizzas. To keep the menu fresh and treat the taste buds of a varied range of customers, Pizza Hut has updated their pizza menu a couple of months back. Since, the group of pizza lovers consists of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodies, a variety of toppings are introduced for both the groups. Let’s see what new non-veg pizzas are added to the latest pizza menu:

Chicken Exotica Pizza

Exotic flavor of smoked chicken and chicken pepperoni makes this pizza a popular pick among non-vegetarians. Along with green and yellow zucchini, it has jalapeno toppings to give it a flavor hard to forget. In case, you love chicken in your crust, customize your pizza with stuffed crust.

Chicken Supreme Pizza

Never satisfied with the quantity of chicken served to you as pizza toppings? Try Chicken Supreme pizza. The feeling of sinking your teeth in a base of Lebanese chicken, schezwan chicken meat ball, and chicken tikka is something that can surpass the feeling of heaven. You can customize your pizza with stuffed crust cheese max to make a balance between cheese and chicken.

Triple Chicken Feast Pizza

Love the union of veggies and chicken? This one pizza is made for you. A delicious pick for the non-vegetarian pizza lovers, Triple Chicken Feast has schezwan chicken meat ball, Lebanese chicken, chicken sausage, green capsicum, onion and red paprika to give you the flavor and feel of a complete meal. You have the choice to choose your crust from pan, stuffed crust chicken sausage, and stuffed crust cheese max.

Smoked Chicken Pizza

The flavor of smoked chicken is irresistible, you won’t disagree. To satisfy your craving for more of smoked chicken and let you taste something different than the regular chicken toppings, Pizza Hut’s Smoked Chicken Pizza is a delicious addition. It has jalapeno, red capsicum, and smoked chicken in considerable quantity. The flavor and texture of smoked chicken gets you a break from soggy feel of a regular pizza.

Spiced Chicken Meatballs

All these years you have had meatballs as mere snacks. But the taste of it is so tempting that Pizza Hut has used it as a topping on a pizza. The Spiced Chicken Meatballs pizza is one of the favorites from Pizza Hut and incorporates schezwan chicken meatball, onion, and green capsicum to fill your mouth with a pizza made in heaven.

Apart from the listed ones, there are more to be tasted from Pizza Hut. The other important pizza toppings would be Chicken Sausage and Tikka, Chicken Italiano and more to add life to your pizza parties. To experiment with your taste buds, add some extra cheese or try different crusts than the ones you usually have. Check out the existing deals from Pizza Hut before you finally place your order. To complete your meal, do not forget to order some mouth-watering desserts.

What are the top 5 Health Benefits of Pizza?

The fan base of pizza in India is growing stronger day by day. The popularity has shot up in recent years so much that almost 1 in every 4 persons in metro cities prefer pizza over any other fast food. But, despite gaining popularity amongst the young minds, pizza’s nutritional value is questioned every now and then. Is pizza really healthy? How nutritional pizza pies are, and a lot more queries arise when it is about consuming pizza on a regular basis. To this, nutritionists opine that judicious consumption of both veg and non-veg pizzas can be healthy for you. Let’s have a look at the quick read to know about the nutritional value of pizzas.


Pizza is a source of calcium

Astonished! Do not be, because cheese available in pizza is a great source of calcium along with tomato sauce. One slice of pizza from a 14-inch double cheese pizza contains approx 219 milligrams of calcium, which is about 22 percent of your daily requirement. Opt for pizza toppings such as broccoli, seafood, spinach and veggies that increase the intake of calcium in your body. Calcium helps your nerves, blood vessels, and muscles function correctly apart from performing its usual role of keeping your body strong.


Pizza supplies with protein

Protein helps to build muscle and other tissues in your body. Cheese is a good source of protein, but if you can have a pizza with meat toppings you will get the maximum protein. But, if you consume pepperoni, sausage and hamburger on a regular basis you might end up getting fat. Chicken pizza and pizzas with seafood toppings supply with high quality protein.


Pizza is the best way to have some vegetables

If you are baking your own pizzas, choose plenty of vegetable toppings. On an average you should have 2 to 3 cups of vegetables every day. Pizza serves as an excuse to have some vegetables, you would otherwise avoid. Add fresh pieces of your favourite vegetables and bake it the way you want. Vegetables like broccoli, onions, bell pepper, mushrooms and others can be ideal way to make your meal nutritious. Make your pizza healthy baking them at home with the choicest toppings. For maximum health benefits, try to add multicolor vegetables on your pizza.


Pizza can have a whole grain crust

A pizza with whole grain crust is a nutritious pick. A homemade whole grain crust pizza supplies you with at least three servings of whole grains per day. More the servings of whole grain, more the intake of fiber, since a whole grain crust has twice fiber as regular crusts. High fiber intake will minimize the risk of health problems like constipation and cholesterol issues.


Pizza gives your brain a boost

If you are topping your pizza with spinach, you are doing a favor to your brain. Spinach is high in folate, a vitamin that promotes blood circulation in your brain. According to nutritionists, if you are consuming spinach on a daily basis, you are actually minimizing the chance of cognitive decline.


Well, a well baked homemade pizza can have more benefits than described on this post. Pizza made in commercial pizzerias might have a little variation in terms of nutritional value. But when it comes to most delicious pizzas on earth, it is the commercial pizzerias that take the lead. Check out the pizza menu of your favorite pizzeria to treat your taste buds to some good food today.

What are the Different Pizza Crusts You Have for A Great Meal Experience?

What makes a pizza taste great – the crust or the toppings? I know many of you would blindly vote for toppings. But the reality is both are equally important. Without a good crust, all your toppings would taste bizarre, especially if the crust is not fired well. Moreover, the health conscious lot can make a lot of difference choosing from a variety of crusts that are healthy and does not contribute to weight gain. Hence a good pizza is the one which effortlessly combines taste with quality to offer best pizza online. Have a look at the popular varieties of crusts available:


  • Pan crust pizza: Probably one of the most popular kinds of crusts available around us, pan crust is a thick or thin pizza that is baked in a pan. The oils used to coat the pan makes the bottom and crust of the pizza crispy. Depending on the pizzeria, the thickness of the pizza might vary. It is claimed that pan pizza is made popular by Pizza Hut in the 1960s. Later various other popular pizza restaurants shaped its taste.
  • Hand tossed pizza: Many find it difficult to differentiate between the two. But hand tossed pizza certainly is different from pan crust pizza. A hand-tossed pizza is baked at around 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes. To make a hand-tossed pizza, the dough is tossed in the air till it gets the right shape. A hand-tossed crust is flatter and crispier than its pan crust counterpart.
  • Thin pizza crust: For people who love more of toppings than the crust, thin crust pizza is a relief. Unlike its other counterparts, thin crust pizzas are crispier and taste great. Moreover, when one has thin crust pizza, they consume less carbs and more of protein and other nutrients. For people who love ample cheese as toppings, a thin crust pizza is the right pick for them.
  • Cauliflower pizza crust: Sounds a little impractical, but yes, this does exist. Whoever is interested to have healthy pizza, cauliflower crust is an ideal choice for them. A low-carb pizza crust, cauliflower pizza crust is popular amongst the health conscious generation. To make this pizza, a large cauliflower is blended and baked for 15 minutes and then the water is squeezed out with cheesecloth. After that you get a very soft dough to make a delicious pizza crust.
  • Deep dish crust: Popularly known as Chicago Style Pizza, Deep Dish Pizza is a little different from its counterparts. In deep dish crust, the edges are raised and slices of mozzarella lining are added on the dough. The base of the pizza is loaded with meat, vegetables layers and at last the entire layer of toppings is covered with a can of crushed tomatoes.

There are multiple other varieties of crusts available these days. Keeping the requirement of vegan pizza lovers in mind, many pizza brands are coming up with pizzas with no animal product. For gluten allergic lot, pizzerias have introduced gluten free crusts. Need something flavorsome to make your meal time exciting? Try focaccia style crust.