Where Can You Have the Best Non-Veg Pizzas in Delhi?

Pizza and non-vegetarian toppings make a heavenly combination and there is no doubt about it. But there certainly is a confusion regarding the best restaurants that offer quality non-vegetarian pizzas. While some pizzerias are hyped for their name, some are miser Based on my past experiences, I can claim that Delhi has some super amazing restaurants to offer heaven-sent pizzas.


Even though pizza is an Italian origin delicacy, it is actually made popular by the Americans. After the 1800s, Italian cuisine transcended physical boundaries and travelled in America only to turn out to be an improvised version of it. This spirit is reflected in the names of the pizzas such as Yellow Cab Pizza, San Diego pizza and more. Want to know the best pick by them? Try their New York City Pizza which is made with honey glazed ham and pineapple.

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Pizza Hut

The name itself tells you the level of dedication the pizzeria has for its preparations. Some of the stores have a lit interior décor what makes your meal time more fun-filled. In case you are here to celebrate some special day, you must try their Chicken Sausage N Tikka Pizza. Not in a mood to move beyond your bedroom? Order pizza online and let their super-fast delivery service treat you at your home’s comfort. Try their Chicken Pepperoni Pizza if you are not in a mood to experiment with the taste buds.


Even though the post is supposed to feature food, not the interior of the restaurant, let me just speak one line about this restaurant. It looks fabulous if you are on a date. When you are inside, you are bound to forget that you are sitting in India and not in Italy. The pizzas served by them are made in heaven, especially because of the quantity of toppings served on every pizza. What is popular? Go straight and order porky pizza, if you take my words.

Big Chill Café

To spend some quality time with your loved ones, Big Chill Café is the best restaurant you must head to. The food here is priceless and no matter what you have, you can’t thank me enough. If you are in committed relationship to non-veg pizzas, try their Four-Fourths Pizza, which lets you taste four different types of toppings which include ham, chicken, pepperoni, and chorizo. The best part is all of these are paired with plenty of cheese.

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Located right in the centre of Connaught Place, Tonino is where you need to check-in to get the feel of Italy staying away from Italy. This pure white edifice has a subtle yet impressive interior décor. Food is a little pricey here, but it’s all worth the investment when you have their signature Chicken Lovers Pizza. For real pizza lovers, they have dedicated one whole page of their pizza menu is dedicated to wood-fired thin crust pizza.

Slice of Italy

The restaurant was conceptualized to offer the pizza lovers in the city with authentic Italian pizzas. Since beginning the brand has been offering fresh pizzas to their customers at the doorstep. They serve pizzas till 1 AM, which of course is the brownie point. The pizzas served by them are gem especially because of the freshness and varieties of toppings. Try Pizza Calzone if you happen to be here.

Since pizza is the best food to have when you do not feel like moving an inch from your seat, it is wise to order pizza online and relax. In case you have already tried the best pizza preparations of the featured restaurants, look for other pizza restaurants that are good at online pizza delivery. Since Delhi does not lack options when it comes to non-veg pizzas, you should read the reviews before you finally place your order.


How to Order Pizza Online from Pizza Hut?

There is no doubt about the fact that online delivery has made our life better. Apart from saving time, it has enhanced the level of comfort. I feel this more when I am craving for pizza and the pizza gets delivered on my doorstep. But, that’s not the case with all of us. Many amongst us find difficulties while ordering pizza online. So, the present post intends to smoothen the process of placing an order online.

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Step 1:

To start with, type Pizza Hut India on the search bar or directly go to pizzahut.co.in. As you land on the home page you need to either type your location or opt for auto detect. Once you let the website detect your location, you need to decide if you want to opt for delivery or takeaway. Since delivery is the predefined purchasing option, you need to change it to take-away if you want to go for it.

Step 2:

Next, you will be directed to pizza menu page called Pan Pizzas. The pizza varieties by Pizza Hut are divided into various categories such as Supreme, Signature, Favourite, Classic, and Hand Tossed Big Pizza. If you do not want to have non-veg options, simply turn on the veg only option and you will not see any non-veg option.

Step 3:

Now that your online pizza menu is right in front of you, choose your pick. Pizza Hut is famous for both veg and non-veg pizzas, so you don’t have to be extra careful while choosing your pick. Add your favourite pizza to your cart, but before that, if you think you need to customize your pizza, the customization option is right below your pizza. You can even add or remove toppings as per your choice. Once you are done with selecting your favourite picks, you can apply coupons. Coupon codes are generally available on the site, so you do not have to work extra.

Step 4:

Time to check out. You need to fill up the given form for online delivery. While filling the required information, the phone number and address are clearly written. Mention the landmarks for better communication and no delay in delivery.

Step 5:

The last and the most important step is the payment option. If you opt for cash on delivery, make sure you have change. For online payment, 4 options are available right now which include Card, Netbanking, Wallet and UPI. Choose your convenient mode of payment and place your order. Once you are done with the payment, you just need to think how you are going to relish the taste.

If you want to be a regular customer and enjoy great discounts, it’s wise to register with Pizza Hut. That’s how you will stay updated with the latest offers introduced by Pizza Hut. Apart from this, the saved address will save your time, if you want to get it delivered in your regular address. Enjoy the benefits of online delivery with Pizza Hut.

Binge Watch These Netflix Original Series with Your Favourite Pizza

How do you prefer to spend your weekends? Sleeping at ease for extended hours, watching back to back films or simply go out and grab your favourite meal? But if you wish to enjoy all of them together, this might appear a little difficult. Fret not! In this digital era, entertainment is just a click away and so are the food. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open and your boredom will vanish in no time. Thanks to Netflix and pizza delivery service, you would not feel alone. So, if you are getting bored and too reluctant to step out of your home, here is a list of must-watch web series you can watch with your favourite pizza:


Orange is the New Black

The Netflix Original series is known for the uniqueness of content and realistic presentation of the incidents. Orange is the New Black is one of my favourite web series for the theme it deals with. An American comedy-drama, Orange is the New Black revolves around the life of Piper Chapman who is sentenced to 15 months’ prison for transporting drug money for her girlfriend. Being lesbian herself how she observes/perceives other prisoners’ struggles is something that intrigues the viewers. The series raises significant questions about various forms of corruption, fund cuttings, racial discrimination and more. Seems too heavy to digest? Check out the pizza menu of your favorite pizza store and order a delicious pick to devour.

This American crime drama is based on the story of Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug kingpin. The series focuses on the interaction of Escobar with the drug lords. The journey of Escobar from an established black marketer in Medelin to the nation’s terror intrigues the viewer. Along with dealing with the life of Escobar, the series analyses the political unrest that took place in the then Columbia. American crime dramas are already very popular amongst the mass and this one is just mind-blowing. What will be the best pizza to taste with this series? Pizza Hut’s Smoked Chicken Pizza would be the right choice of pizza for you.Narcos-Season-4-release-date

13 Reasons Why
One of the most debated web series aired on Netflix, 13 Reasons Why deals with mental health issues and how our surroundings contribute to worsening the condition. The story revolves around two teenage students, Clay Jensen, a seventeen-year-old high school student, and his deceased friend Hannah Baker. It is indeed interesting to realize how the surroundings of Hannah contributes to the increased level of toxicity to compel Hannah to commit suicide. While watching the series if you feel down, grab a bite of pizza, preferably Triple Chicken Pizza by Pizza Hut.
I could manage to watch these 3 series amidst my extremely busy schedule. So, could write a brief intro about them. The list of my must watch web series is still quite long. I am dying to watch Sense 8 and the Crown. Let me know your thoughts on the above-mentioned series. Wish to come back with the list of more interesting web series soon.